Personalized Representation

Our law firm is built on the belief that our clients deserve personalized, caring representation. We are advocates of your rights and we demonstrate that through every step of the legal process, by listening to your needs and being there when you need us.

We are willing to dedicate all the time and effort needed to see that there is a favorable outcome in your case. We will take every step necessary to get you the rights you deserve.

Our firm, including attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants and support staff, provide services on an hourly basis, a flat fee basis and in some cases a contingency basis. We often use paralegals and legal assistants to minimize client costs because we design our services to fit your needs and budget.


DUI / DWI (Drunk Driving Offenses)

At the law firm of Kimble Reynolds & Associates, we fight for your rights and are dedicated to helping those in need of our services. We will go to work for you if you choose us to handle your case. Our experienced staff will go to great lengths to make sure that you get the defense you deserve. We believe in the value of hard work and will see that your rights are not taken for granted.

If convicted of a DUI/DWI charge in the state of Virginia, The Commonwealth can be pretty tough. You can be faced with consequences such as a suspension of your driver’s license, large fines and/or jail time. You will have a permanent criminal record and your insurance rates may increase.

We will attack any and all phases of the prosecutor’s case against you starting from challenging the administration of field sobriety tests to questioning the validity of the traffic stop. We will also discuss the probable cause used to arrest you.

Kimble Reynolds & Associates is available to defend you against other traffic violations and alcohol offenses including:

  • Underage Drinking
  • Underage Alcohol Possession (possession of alcohol by a minor)
  • Possession of a Fake ID (possession of false identification or false driver’s license)

To schedule a consultation about your DUI/DWI defense case and to discuss your case with an experienced, caring member of our staff, please call or email us today.

We look forwarding to meeting your legal needs.